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be3D Academy is an online collection of 3D lesson plans designed for educators. 3D lesson plans are teacher-tested projects that use 3D printing to bring STEAM subject matter to life. Each 3D lesson plan offers a variety of tools including 3D model files, videos, student worksheets, and presentations to introduce a project to students.
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What Teachers Say

Thomas Ekornrød

ICT, Bergeland Videregående Skole
With eDee, we had a total concept, it is tailor made for schools. Security, hardware, software, tools and a portal for downloading lessons – it’s all there.

Lukas Prochazka

Teacher, Secondary Technical School of Engineering Prosek, Prague, Czech Republic
The high quality of educational projects when using 3D printing really surprised me. Personally, this is the most valuable benefit of using 3D printers in school, especially when it comes to graduation projects. Students have a more innovative approach to them, they are more creative and not afraid to explore and experiment as they can
test their designs right away.

Ingve Bjørnå

Electronics Teacher, Gand Videregående Skole
We decided to use the YSoft be3D eDee solution because we liked that the printer was locked down during printing. The locking doors gave us the security we were looking for. With eDee, we feel we are better preparing our students for their future careers and increasing their creativity.