YSoft BE3D eDee

A 3D printing solution specifically designed for education that is safe and easy to use by students. Teacher-tested for the classroom.

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A 3D printing solution
for immersive learning

eDee offers schools an easy-to-use 3D learning experience that increases students’ engagement and retention while preparing them for future careers. It is safe to use eDee anywhere on campus without supervision due to its enclosed chassis which protects from heat and moving parts. Includes BE3D Academy - online 3D lesson plans, models and resources for teaching STEAM[1] subjects. Schools can now get started immediately with a complete 3D printing ecosystem that provides much needed immersive learning for students.

A comprehensive 3D printing solution

  • 3D printer – fits easily on the desktop with an enclosed chassis for safety
  • BE3D Academy – free access to online 3D lesson plans, models and 3D training tools + exclusive access to premium 3D lesson plans
  • YSoft SAFEQ Print Management – manages secure user access, printing from any printer and provides usage and cost reporting
  • Intelligent 3D printing software built-in
    • Touch screen navigation guides students effortlessly from login to finished 3D models
    • DeeControl – desktop app for adding layering information to 3D models and readying for printing (Mac or PC)
    • Email notifications – pictures of the 3D model’s printing progress and email alerts when printing is completed
  • Beginner’s Kit – includes spools of filament, glass and bendable plastic print beds and print bed care accessories.
  • Card Reader – quickly reads a student or faculty ID badge to verify access to the 3D printer
EDU 3D/2D Small School Bundle
EDU 3D/2D Large School Bundle

EDU 3D/2D Small School Bundle

EDU 3D/2D Large School Bundle

: 9
YSoft BE3D eDee 3D Printer
BE3D Academy – includes 3 years exclusive access to premium 3D lessons
DeeControl layering software
YSoft SAFEQ Print Management Suite
One 3D printer license1
School Server Required
3 Licenses:
1 for 3D printer1
2 for 2D printers2
School Server Required
5 Licenses:
1 for 3D printer1
4 for 2D printers2
School Server Required
Beginner’s Accessory Kit:
Glass and flexible plastic print pads; print pad care tools; 100 tissues and 5 glue sticks
ID Card Reader for 3D printer
1,500 grams of orange
1,500 grams each of black, white and orange
3,000 grams each of black, white and orange
Online 3D printing training
3 years of support with a guaranteed SLA and warranty

Additional resources

Amy Dugan

Teacher, St. Thomas More School, London
The lessons in BE3D Academy have really good short videos; the fact that the lessons are ISTE-certified is wonderful. BE3D eDee was a great first experience.

Thomas Ekornrød

ICT, Bergeland Videregående Skole, Norway
With eDee, we had a total concept, it is tailor made for schools. Security, hardware, software, tools and a portal for downloading lessons – it’s all there.

Lukas Prochazka

Teacher, Secondary Technical School of Engineering Prosek, Prague, Czech Republic
The high quality of educational projects when using 3D printing really surprised me. Personally, this is the most valuable benefit of using 3D printers in school, especially when it comes to graduation projects. Students have a more innovative approach to them, they are more creative and not afraid to explore and experiment as they can
test their designs right away.

[1] Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.
[2] YSoft SAFEQ Print Management Suite provides secure access, usage reports and pay-to-print services. The SAFEQ software is embedded in 2D printers from major printer brands and is part of YSoft BE3D eDee printers. A SAFEQ license is per device no matter if it is a 2D printer or a Y Soft 3D printer. YSoft SAFEQ offers additional, included features for 2D printers.