Model of a Nerve Synapse

Nerve Synapse

The model of the nerve synapse consists of several parts that are printed separately in different colours and after printing the individual parts are assembled into one overall model. The model of the synapse is composed of two basic parts. The first part shows the presynaptic part of the synapse consisting of a knob-like extension of the axonal ending. In the presynaptic part, holes are modeled to represent the vesicles into which individually printed neurotransmitters in the shape of small balls need to be glued. In the presynaptic part there are also several models of mitochondria, which are inserted into the modeled holes designed for them. The second part of the model consists of a postsynaptic section showing the location on the cell to which the nerve impulse passes. A total of five receptors are modelled in the cell membrane, to which the binding neurotransmitters need to be glued, because the receptors show the gradual opening of ion channels. The ion models are made up of small spheres printed separately in the same way as the neurotransmitter models, and the ions are then glued into the ion channels as well as into the designated holes for them located in the postsynaptic model. These two basic parts of the model are connected at the back by a bracket. The bracket in the model serves to make visible the synaptic cleft between the presynaptic and postsynaptic membranes, which in reality is located between them. The model is made in such a way that the process of nerve impulse transmission from one nerve cell to another can be seen. The model does not show the ion channels for Ca2+ ion input, nor does it show models of these ions, for the reason that they are not mentioned in the description of nerve synapses in naturaly history textbooks.

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