Model of Neuron


The neuron model consists of several parts that need to be printed separately with different colours in the case of single filament 3D printers, and then assembled. The model is based on the morphology of a multipolar neuron, as this is the model type of neuron shown in all natural history textbooks, which describes the basic structure of a nerve cell. At the same time, the model is made so that you can see what the body of the neuron looks like in section. The basic part of the model is the body of the neuron, on which several differently branched dendrites are modelled. This base also includes the axon, which is expanded as it exits the body to represent the initial segment of the axon. The body of the neuron is cut so that a hemispherical model representing the cytoplasm can be inserted into it. The cytoplasm model contains a blank space for a spherical model of the nucleus. Two small models of mitochondria are also inserted into the cytoplasm. Only these two organelles are shown in the neuron model because they are the most important in terms of function and because they are the only organelles depicted in the context of the neuron in natural history textbooks. Another part of the model is the myelin sheaths, which are made up of cylinders that have a hole inside them so that they can be slid onto the axon. A total of three models of myelin sheaths fit on the axon and show that the myelin sheath of the axon is not continuous, so Ranvier's notches located between the myelin sheaths can be shown on the model of the neuron. The last part of the neuron model is the axonal termination model consisting of individual branches at the end of which there is a knob-like extension participating in the synapse. The axonal ending is connected to the rest of the model by a peg that is modelled at the end of the axon.

Recommended print settings

Print profile: Default
Initial platform: None
Print supports: ON
Advanced settings: Default
  • Total print time 8hours 53minutes
  • Total filament 23.29 m
  • Additional non-printable components
  • Printed all at once