The fruiting bodies of the Common Puffball are club-shaped and white or grey in colour. The surface is covered with nipples. When the spores are ripe, a bore opens at the top of the fruiting body, through which the spores are expelled. The inside of young fruiting bodies is white, while older fruiting bodies have a cottony brown flesh inside. The Common Puffball is an edible mushroom when young. It grows abundantly in groups in deciduous and coniferous forests, at the edge of paths, or in meadows.
The models of the puffball show adult fruiting bodies. If they are printed with white filament, there is no need to finish them, just clean off any excess filament fibres.

Recommended print settings

Print profile: Default
Initial platform: None
Print supports: Off
Advanced settings: Brim
  • Total print time 34 hours 22 minutes
  • Total filament 160.23 m
  • Additional non-printable components
  • Printed all at once