3D Mapping

The 3D Mapping lesson challenges each student to research the geography and key points of interest of their chosen country. Students will use this information to create their individual 3D tactile tourist maps. The maps should contain markers for points of interest such as capital cities, national parks or forests, major cities, stadiums and national landmarks. If you wish to extend the scope of the lesson, you can ask students to vary the size of the city markers to reflect the population or to create new markers for other points of interest such as castles, or natural features, such as Uluru or the Grand Canyon.
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Years | Grades
8th Grade | 12-13 years9th Grade | 13-14 years11th Grade | 15-16 years10th Grade | 14-15 years
Lesson 1: 90 minutes Print Time : 30 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes (Dependent upon complexity and size of model)

Filtration Tower Trailer
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  • Conduct research to identify and locate the capital city and key points of interest of a chosen country
  • Construct a 3D model of the chosen country following the rules and limitations given
  • Create a 3D printed map of the model

Tools and equipment

  • BE3D eDee printer and computer devices with CAD software
  • Access to a globe, atlas, world maps, country maps or other suitable geography resources

Skill requirements

To participate in the lesson, students should be able to:
  • Be comfortable navigating the internet in a safe manner to research national points of interest
  • Use TinkerCAD®, Fusion 360 or Similar CAD software at a beginner/intermediate level
  • Be comfortable using DeeControl software including adjusting print settings
  • Use the be3D eDee 3D printer

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3D models overview

  • Total print time 3 hours
  • Total filament 6.8 m
  • Additional non-printable components
  • Printed all at once
Czech Republic
  • 90 minutes
  • 3.3 m
United Kingdom
  • 90 minutes
  • 3.5 m
Note: Values are calculated for one set of models.

Lesson resources

  • Lesson plan
  • Example 3D tourist map
  • Worksheet
  • Walkthrough
  • Presentation
  • 3D models and 2D country silhouettes
  • 3D print instructions
  • Curriculum Alignment: ISTE standard compliant